Scouting Sections

Adventures, camping, games, laughs and friends for the children of Whitmore & Baldwins Gate. Join the Scouting adventure with 96th Whitmore & Baldwins Gate Scout Group

So you want to join Scouting? Well, it really is very simple. Choose the section that is right for your age as detailed below. Then if you can message us first that would be great, we can have a chat and find out about you as well as answering all your questions, and as we aren’t always at the Hall you could turn up and we aren’t there.

Children love the adventure of Scouting, meeting a whole new circle of friends and taking part in a new world of experiences.

We are far more than an after school club; lifetime friendships are made and #SkillsForLife are learnt.

Come and join the Scouting adventure, we do all the traditional stuff including camping and knots. We also do bang up to date things online. Scouting is constantly evolving to be relevant to the age we live in as well as being relevant to the age in which we live in.

Come and find out for yourself just how much your children can do with us, learning fresh skills and having opportunities they would never previously of had without being part of Scouting. You really won’t regret it. It will be a real experience!

Aged from 5 1/2 to 8

Aged from 8 to 10½

Aged from 10½ to 14

Aged from 14 to 18

Explorer Scouts are managed by Newcastle District. For more information click here to visit the District Explorer Scout web page.

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